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Adult Education


For those individuals who are currently pursuing a career in a specific industry and wish to acquire additional expertise in a particular area, Goodwin College of Professional Studies offers the opportunity to pursue certifications and certificates.

These credentials are concentrated areas of study with a particular goal in mind: to provide you with expertise that is focused on a particular professional skill.

The certificates and certifications noted below carry undergraduate or graduate credit. Please note that a bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in any program bearing graduate credit. Goodwin College also offers non-credit certificates and certifications.

Non Credit Certificates and Certifications

PLEASE NOTE: The following degree programs have moved to other Colleges as of Fall 2014.

Undergraduate Credit Certificates

  • Commercial Property Management
  • Computing and Security Technology
  • Construction Management
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Emergency Management
  • Fundamentals of Property Management
  • Residential Property Management
  • Retail Leadership

Graduate Credit Certificates

  • Construction Management
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • E-Learning Leadership
  • Gaming and Casino Operations
  • Homeland Security Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Real Estate
  • Sustainability and Green Construction