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Undergraduate Admissions

Full-Time Programs

Go to Drexel University Undergraduate Admissions to apply to be considered as a full-time undergraduate student.

Part-Time Day

If you are interested in taking courses part time, please fill out Drexel's part-time studies application.

Part Time Online Programs

If you are interested in completing your coursework online, please review the admissions criteria noted for your specific program on the Drexel Online admissions page.

Drexel at Burlington County College (BCC)

Drexel has a unique partnership with BCC, enabling a student to earn a bachelor’s degree (as a full- or part-time student) from Drexel while remaining on BCC’s Mount Laurel, N.J. campus. Please visit www.drexelatbcc.org for more information and to apply.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

All credit-bearing coursework at Drexel University requires the submission of an application. Please fill out Drexel’s part time studies application.

Non-Degree/Non Matriculated Option

If you would like to take courses at Drexel University before enrolling in a degree program, you can enter as a non-matriculated student. Please follow the procedures noted for non-degree students here.

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If you have any questions, or would like more information, please call the following:

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For information sessions on part-time programs, visit us.

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