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Lean Six Sigma

At Drexel, you will take the first step in advancing your career as you become an expert in the 21st century’s most critical business methodology. Project success, efficient processes, and consistently superior results are just a few of the benefits you will gain when you adapt the Lean Six Sigma principles that world-class companies use to improve the quality of their products and services.

Lean Six Sigma for Improved Strategies

Lean Six Sigma process improvement methods will help you focus value-based strategies to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Advance product and service quality
  • Develop better schedules and time lines
  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Increase speed and efficiency

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program will teach you to use Lean Six Sigma techniques in business, health, manufacturing, and service-related industries to improve, redesign, and implement efficient, customer-focused business processes. You will learn through face-to-face interactions with qualified and certified Master Black Belt Sensei instructors and experience a unique learning environment with peers who share a variety of experiences.

Our new Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program offers professionals the opportunity to expand upon the skills they gained through the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program and use them to become a true leader and agent of change within their organization.


SSCE 9101 Practical Process Improvement in Today’s Economy. Building your own Process Improvement Program.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 1 - 4:00 p.m.

Are you looking to implement a process improvement plan in your organization but are not sure how to get started. Do terms like Six Sigma, Green Belt, Black Belt, LEAN Sensei, DMAIC, ISO 9001 leave you confused? By attending our workshop, you will learn what these terms mean and how to develop a practical approach to successfully transform your business processes.

You will be taking the first step in learning how to reduce waste, increase process speed and cut costs within your organization. This workshop will also introduce the concepts of change agents, practical process improvement and how best to select projects. 

Every process can use improvement. Let Drexel show you how your company can benefit from using these methodologies to obtain operational excellence.

Lean Six Sigma for Career Advancement

As an aspiring professional in any industry, the Lean Six Sigma programs are designed to help advance your career and are the perfect option for you if:

  • You want to become certified in Lean Six Sigma, a certification recognized and respected by professional organizations and employers everywhere.
  • You have the approval of your manager or supervisor and want to become instrumental in orchestrating positive change in your workplace.
  • You strive to enhance your work-related skills or improve your chances for corporate advancement.

Lean Six Sigma principles-based methods will change how you manage your business and sustain positive change into the future. Its data-based structure drives how management will make reality-based decisions and govern day-to-day employee performance.

The methodology requires significant commitment from all levels within an organization—especially at the top.

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