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Leading-edge Network: Construction & Facilities Management

Construction is a service industry. While many people see only the physical aspects of construction work—the equipment, tools, and the final product—the reality is that it takes a tremendous amount of effort by highly skilled managers and craft people to get the job done.

On any given project, many people come together for the very first time from different companies with different goals. The solution is effective project leadership. If you and others in your company are viewed as leaders, then members of your team will strive for excellence to meet company and project goals. Goodwin College is pleased to offer three outstanding workshops to help constructors improve their profitability, build and motivate effective teams, and learn time management skills specifically focused on construction industry issues.

The following workshops are conducted by industry leader, Charles Cook, R.S. Cook and Associates, Inc. to help constructors manage their projects more effectively:

  • Performance for Profit
  • Effective Motivation and Teambuilding for the 21st Century Constructor
  • Effective Time Management for the Construction Industry

Goodwin’s new Facilities Management courses can help property overseers in an array of areas, including space coordination, usage, and infrastructure. These courses are designed to help managers learn to maximize appropriate use of a variety of facilities. Courses in Facilities Management can be taken individually or as a certificate program. Check back for details on courses, which start in November.

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