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Drexel University offers the 16-hour National Restaurant Association ServSafe program, recognized locally and nationally by the food safety training industry Appropriate training is the best vehicle for all food service personnel—especially managers, supervisors, and owners—to learn about the hazards associated with day-to-day operations and the food preparation process. It is imperative for management to incorporate good sanitation practices into their operation by supporting employee training and education.

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Food Safety Certification

Sixteen hours of Food Safety education and a certification is required by Philadelphia and surrounding municipalities in order to receive a Food Safety license to open a business. Every establishment serving food is required to have one Food Safety certified employee per shift. This certification process must be renewed every five years. Drexel offers the required 16 hours of training with a choice of two formats:

  1. Two eight hour days of training on Drexel’s Campus with certification exam at the end of second day for $220.00. Register online below.
  2. Eight hours of study at home training and one eight hour day on Drexel’s campus with certification exam at the end of the second day for $160.00. If you are interested in this option, please contact Pat Gremmel at pg32@drexel.edu or call 215-895-2154.

To receive the Food Safety certificate, required by the municipality that issues the Food Safe Handler license, you must score 75% or above in the ServSafe exam.

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