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Leading-edge Network: Historic Preservation

Whether you are thinking about changing careers or simply want to become a more informed preservation advocate, the Leading-Edge Historic Preservation Network will give you the opportunity to explore this dynamic field and help prepare you and your colleagues for success through certificate programs, courses, and workshops in a variety of delivery formats including:

  • On-site courses
  • Self-paced online courses
  • A hybrid of both on-site and online instruction
  • Stand-alone webinars

Programs will be structured to accommodate the educational needs of architects, engineers, historians, skilled tradespeople and others interested in exploring issues in historic preservation from a professional perspective.

Courses offered in the Historic Preservation Network are as follows:

Course Descriptions and Schedule

Preservation for Design Professionals and Owners (HPCE 5090)
Presenter: David Cornelius

This course is intended as an introduction to the fundamentals of historic preservation, and to the roles of owners and design professionals in the assessment, stabilization, adaptive reuse, and restoration of historic properties.

There will be 10 weekly sessions during Winter Quarter (which runs between January 21 and March 25, 2010). The class will typically meet on Thursday evenings between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. However, during either two or three weeks (the number to be confirmed before the end of registration), the class will instead meet outside of the lecture context on a Friday between 2 and 5 p.m. The purpose of the afternoon sessions is to permit exposure to historic conditions and treatments, and introduction to practitioners in the field. We intend to offer the course for AIA Health Safety and Welfare (HSW) and Sustainability CES units. To confirm acquisition of the course material, a take-home quiz will be provided.

CEUs: 2.0
Cost: $500

Fundamentals of Preservation: Materials, Construction, Pathology, and Treatment (HPCE 4860)
Presenter: David Cornelius

This course provides introductions to

  • Theories of the life cycles of materials and construction systems
  • Practices in preserving material culture (including buildings and landscapes)

The Philadelphia region contains nearly 400 years of construction and exemplifies the history of American preservation. Students will meet outside of the classroom on a few Friday afternoons to directly experience these abundant resources and learn from practitioners in the field. Classroom lectures will be held on Thursday evenings.

The course is intended for anyone with an interest in preservation and a desire to learn about its tangible aspects. Prospective students could include:

  • Architects, engineers, other design professionals
  • Builders, artisans, suppliers
  • Owners, managers, and developers of historic properties
  • Preservation activists
  • Public employees

HPCE5090, “Introduction to Preservation for Design Professionals and Owners,” is a companion course but not a prerequisite.

CEUs: 2.0
Cost: $500

Courses may be tailored to the specific needs of a corporation or professional organization through Customized Learning Solutions.

For more information, please email rg384@drexel.edu.

Historical Preservation Video - Eastern State

In November 2009, the Historic Preservation Network sponsored a behind-the-scenes tour titled Introduction to Preservation for Working Professionals at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

Click the video image above to view an introduction and the links below to see each part of the tour.

Warden's Office (10:26)
Tower & Hall (14:36)
Cell Block Halls & Ceiling (4:26)
Synagogue (15:59)

Historical Preservation Video - Carpenter's Hall

Roger Moss, John Milner, Nick Gianopoulos and Charles Cook take you on a behind the scenes tour of historic Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia. A brief overview of concepts in historic preservation is followed by a visit to the private places of the home of the Carpenter’s Company.

Click the video image above for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Part 2: Roger Moss
Part 3: John Milner

Part 4: Nick Gianopulos
Part 5: The Tour