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Industry statistics indicate that individuals change jobs an average of three to seven times in their lifetimes, with younger people changing as many as 11 times.* Chances are that at some point, you have considered the possibility of not only changing your job, but your career and found yourself facing a significantly changed search environment.

Drexel University's Continuing Professional Education program now offers five unique workshops for the professional who is considering a job search or a career change. Instruction is specifically centered on acquiring the set of skills and tools required to negotiate the new terrain of a successful job search.

Classes, whether taken individually or as a suite, focus on the critical success factors that cause professionals to succeed. Instructors are seasoned professionals with expertise in career coaching, talent management and leadership development who are available to guide you through a well-thought-out process with proven effectiveness.

Conveniently located on the Philadelphia campus of Drexel University, the Adult Career Workshops are interactive, hands-on programs designed specifically for motivated professionals who are:

  • Seeking new positions within their current field
  • Considering a career change
  • Currently unemployed and looking to explore options

Workshop Offerings:

  • Identifying Your Job Transferable Skills
  • Writing Resum├ęs That Get You Hired
  • From Job Search To Job Offer
  • Interview Like A Superstar
  • Entrepreneurship: Thinking Like A Business Person
  • Job Preparation Suite

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