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Construction Management

Construction Management

Gain the multidisciplinary skills required of effective construction managers by completing your Graduate Certificate in Construction Management at Goodwin College.

The construction industry plays a critical role in underpinning the U.S. economy and constructing the built environment, which is essential to the quality of American life. The annual value of construction in the United States now exceeds $1 trillion, representing more than 8 percent of the gross domestic product.

Construction organizations are challenged to meet ever-increasing owner demands, tighter project delivery times, and increasing regulation of buildings. Because of the highly competitive environment in which constructors operate, their organizations require excellent leadership to navigate through many daily challenges. These leaders must effectively manage risk while traversing through the technical, economic, and regulatory environment. However, the construction industry is facing a growing gap in the number of available candidates to fill these critical leadership roles. For this reason, graduate-level construction management education is an attractive credential to employers looking to hire leaders to bridge this skills gap.

Students in the Graduate Certificate in Construction Management program have the option of completing the 18-credit certificate as a stand-alone professional development credential or as a step toward the M.S. in Construction Management.

The certificate is a flexible, convenient online program with courses offered in the fall, winter, spring, and summer, allowing students to complete all requirements within one and a half years.


CMGT 510 Construction Control Techniques
This course addresses the techniques required to plan, monitor, and control the execution of complex construction projects. It presents approaches to project programming and planning, and addresses other preconstruction activities required to ensure successful execution including techniques to track and analyze progress against planned performance in terms of time, cost, and scope. The course will also address the many issues associated with supply chain management throughout the construction process.

CMGT 512 Cost Estimating and Bidding Strategies
This is an advanced course in construction estimating addressing competitive bidding strategies. The course provides a brief overview of the cost estimating process for construction projects and covers computing overhead and fixed costs, as well as break-even analysis. Topics include profit objectives, analyzing the competition, and determining the optimum combination of price/cost/volume.

CMGT 515 Risk Management in Construction
This course presents risk management techniques and practices specific to construction projects. Students will gain an understanding of the risks stemming from technical and business sources, identify cause and effect, and learn to categorize and appropriately rank risks. Students will also learn techniques to quantify the probability and impact of risks. Risk response strategies such as avoidance, mitigation, and deflection will also be presented. Finally, risk control and outcome assessment will be addressed.

CMGT 525 Applied Construction Project Management
This course presents the project management knowledge and skills required to successfully manage complex construction projects. Topics include the project management hard skills including estimating and budgeting, time management, and planning. The soft skills including effective communication are also presented. The course deals with the complexities and challenges associated with construction projects.

CMGT 528 Construction Contract Administration
This course introduces the managerial and legal aspects of construction contract administration. The student is introduced to basic concepts of contract law employed in construction and the rules of interpretation. Topics include changes and change orders, disputes, differing site conditions, and defective documents. Practical approaches to contract administration are emphasized throughout the course.

CMGT 538 Strategic Planning in Construction
This course presents concepts in strategic planning within construction organizations. Strategic planning is an essential function of senior management in any business firm. This course covers the essential knowledge and skills required of senior management within construction organizations. Topics include clients/constructors/competencies, portfolio management, and marketing strategies for construction firms.

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