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Sustainability & Green Construction

The architectural, engineering, and construction community faces the daunting task of providing a built environment which is in harmony with the natural environment — meeting the current needs of society without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable development means integrating the decision-making process across the project team, so that every decision is made with an eye to the greatest long-term benefits.

The Certificate in Sustainability and Green Construction is a flexible, part-time post-baccalaureate program, focused on the sustainable aspects of the construction process. Students have the opportunity to complete all requirements within one and a half years.

Currently, in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system, the construction process represents a significant portion of the effort required to achieve high-performance building programs. This certificate program is intended to explore these concepts in detail.

Credits from this certificate will transfer toward a Master of Science in Construction Management.


The Certificate in Sustainability and Green Construction consists of 15 credit hours in the following courses:

CMGT 535 Community Impact Analysis
This course provides an overview of community impact assessment, including the benefits of conducting such an assessment. It also provides general guidelines for conducting a community impact assessment, including the types of impacts that should be assessed during the process and related issues.

CMGT 545 Sustainable Principles & Practice
This course addresses the fundamentals of green building concepts and practices underlying sustainable construction from a perspective of the LEED Green Building rating system.

CMGT 546 Sustainable Technology
This course addresses the sustainable technologies in the built environments and is presented as a whole building design system. The course is organized into three major categories — Design Guidance, Project Management, and Operations & Maintenance.

CMGT 547 LEED Concepts
This course addresses the fundamental concepts and practices underlying the LEED Green Building rating system.

CMGT 558 Community Sustainability
This course provides clear direction to students to design cities and developments that are sustainable and reduce environmental harms.

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