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Construction Management

Minor in Real Estate

Drexel’s Minor in Real Estate trains students to become better-informed real estate market participants whether their primary real estate interests lie in consumption, investment, brokerage, appraisal, law, property and asset management, or any combination of these disciplines.

A thorough understanding of the complexities of real estate resources and markets in which they are traded is a prerequisite for effective real estate decision-making. Students majoring in Construction Management, Property Management, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Architectural Engineering, and Business Administration will find this minor particularly applicable to their areas of study. If you are enrolled in the B.S. in Construction Management program, you may complete a concentration in Real Estate.

The real estate industry is diverse, offering many career opportunities in real estate brokerage, property acquisition, property management, real estate finance, real estate counseling, real estate development, asset management, and land-use planning.

The Real Estate Minor consists of eight courses, for a total of 24 credits.

For more detailed information about the required coursework, please visit: Drexel University Course Catalog.