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Gangs are a group of three or more people who share an identity, usually a name and symbols. They consider themselves a gang, and have some permanence and organization. And they-re usually involved in criminal activity of one kind or another. The ironic part is, that some young adults join gangs to feel safe. Exactly the opposite is true. If a person is in a gang, they are in more danger, get in more fights and are more trouble.

Share the story of your experiences with gangs.

While certain media - television shows, videos, movies, and video games are quite popular for youth, one of the things in which we-re interested at the Center is the impact of this on your ability to learn and grow into a healthy and productive adult.

Bullying is a serious offense. Not only does it hurt the victim physically, it can hurt them emotionally and mentally, and have long-term effects. The bully probably needs help and counseling, too. Even bystanders are affected by witnessing bullying. Bullying disrupts learning, and it can even make life so hard on kids, that they stop attending school. In extreme cases, bullying has led to murder and suicide. So it-s important that bullying is taken seriously, and stopped.

Share the story of your experiences with bullying.

The mission of Drexel University's Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence is to create public awareness around the need for youth-focused, evidence-based efforts aimed at preventing youth violence from occurring in environments where youth grow, learn, and recreate.

Our vision is to help ensure that all youth possess the requisite social and cognitive skills to prevent violence on their own, which includes developing conflict resolution and mediation skills. We also strive to inform policy leaders and stakeholders of the various types of evidence-based activities that prevent school-aged violence.

Philadelphia Police Explorers

The mission of the Police Explorer Cadet Program is to guide young adults to a better path for the future through training, leadership, teamwork, discipline, friendship and to assist the Philadelphia Police Department and the citizens of Philadelphia through community service.

A chance to change, a direction in which to grow, a future on which to build, and a safe place to be.


News about the Center

Creating Confident Kids Curbs Bullying, Says Expert
By Kelly Ni
Epoch Times Staff
Oct 11, 2011

Bullying occurs when someone singles out another person and continually says or does hurtful things to that other person. Sadly, every day a child is being bullied or being the bully in America.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Dr. Charles A. Williams III, assistant clinical professor in Drexel University’s School of Education and director of the Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence, says that bullying must stop.

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Violent flash mobs shed light on issues
By Chelsea Fuller
NABJ Monitor
Oct. 5, 2011

People running through the city punching, kicking and robbing citizens at random is how many Philadelphians now see flash mobs. This is a contrast to the light-hearted and sporadically planned outbursts of dancing and singing usually associated with the activity.

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The Center in the News

GUEST BLOG: N.J.'s New Anti-Bullying Law is a Step in the Right Direction
NBC News Education Nation blog

I can think of nine precious reasons to support New Jersey’s aggressive new anti-bullying law, the “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights,” which went into effect on September 1st. Here are those reasons: Phoebe Prince, Jon Carmichael, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Jessica Logan, Eric Mohat, Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Billy Lucas and Megan Meier.

These are the names of the fallen - youth who have killed themselves as a result of being bullied.

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Dr. Chuck on MSNBC speaking about bullying

Dr. Chuck Williams on Fox News speaking about flash mobs:

Philadelphia Curfew
Canadian Broadcast Company
Thursday, August 11, 2011


Less liberty in Philly
Violent youth mobs prompt curfew – and debate over whether it’ll work
The Daily, August 10, 2011

So much for brotherly love.

Violent youth gangs have gotten so bad in Philadelphia that police plan on injecting a heavy dose of tough love in the form of a 9 p.m. youth curfew on weekends.

But curfews don’t work, a criminal justice researcher told The Daily. And using the term “flash mobs” — as most media outlets have been calling groups who use social media to organize public violence — isn’t helping either, two new media experts said.

July 29 was a bad day in Philly. About two dozen youths robbed and beat random people downtown. One man was kicked so hard that he ended up with a fractured skull. Police eventually made four arrests — including an 11-year-old. Mayor Michael Nutter had harsh words for the black community and the unruly youth.

“You have damaged your own race,” said Nutter, who is black.

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May 12th, 2011 - Bullying Forum - College Boards - Mid States Region & the Delaware Valley Minority Achievement Consortium (DVMSAC), Sheraton, University City, PA

March 29th, 2011 - Mentoring and evidence-based tool to prevent youth violence and improve academic achievement among urban youth - National Conference on Juvenile and Family Law (NCJFL), Reno, NV

Jan 17th, 2011 - Superman is in Philadelphia Education Reform, OMNY Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia PA

Jan 13th 2011 - Preventing Bullying & Dealing with Conflict - 4th Annual Middle School Leadership Institute Delaware Valley Minority Student Achievement Consortium (DVMSAC) - University of Penn Center for Ed Leadership, Sheraton, University City, PA

Dec 3rd, 2010 - Bullying Prevention - 5th Annual High School Student Leadership Institute - Delaware Valley Minority Student Achievement Consortium (DVMSAC) - University of Penn Center for Ed Leadership, Sheraton, University City, PA

Dec 2nd, 2010 - Interagency Working Group for Youth Programs - -Listening Session- Washington DC

Nov 30th, 2010 - Bullying Prevention - Dream Keepers - Chosen Generation Worship Center, Philadelphia, PA

Nov 11th-12th, 2010 - Social Skills and Mentoring: Getting urban youth to graduation with the support of evidence-based practices National Social Science Association - Fall Professional Development Conference

Nov 6th, 2010 - Beyond the Bricks - Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Oct 29th, 2010 - Bullying Prevention in the Classroom -Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, Walter D. Palmer Leadership Learning Partners, Philadelphia, PA

Oct 2nd, 2010 - Philadelphia Student Union - Open House, 4205 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

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