Organizational Mission
The mission of the Evaluation & Research Network at Drexel University is to provide continuous, high-quality evaluation support by developing, capturing, and communicating usable information for clients, key stakeholders, and other audiences. Through the provision of expert guidance on matters relating to assessment and evaluation, the Network brings accountability in the achievement of program objectives by identifying and disseminating the lessons learned from experience and by framing recommendations drawn from evaluation findings.
Educator at computer Craig Bach, Ph.D. - Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment

Thoughts About the Network

One nice surprise upon returning to Drexel University was to find the Evaluation and Research Network (the Network) in place. The Network provides a wonderful support and evaluation resource for the Drexel community and the region. I think the loosely-coupled structure allows the Network to involve a much larger group of researchers/evaluators than I have seen in other structures, and it allows the Network to provide more agile support to its clients and members. Dr. Urias, director, has been able to take on a wide range of evaluative projects and secure resources, by member interest or expertise, to work on them. At the same time, the Network is able to take advantage of the collaborative work of its members to build skill sets and insights. I am looking forward to working with the Network and seeing it grow in the coming years.