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Mary S. Irick Drexel Society

This award is named for Mrs. George W. Childs Drexel, is given to an outstanding alumnus/a of the Goodwin College. Criteria for selection includes past contributions of measurable benefit that will enhance and in perpetuate the work of Drexel today and into the future; personal attainments reflecting credit to the University; contributions to civic and community life; and a continuing interest and active participation in Drexel activities and in its development in all areas.

The Evening College participation was largely due to A.J. Drexel himself. He understood the value of on the job training. He realized that not everyone had the capability to take the time and money to go to day college. As for Mary S. Irick Drexel, she became the Director of the Red Cross Canteen Service in Philadelphia during the First World War and was known for her charity and humanitarian work. George Childs, the youngest child of AJ Drexel, decided he would create an award that would perpetuate the activities of such alumni individuals. It was then that he decided to honor his wife, Mary S. Irick Drexel and at the same time recognize the Evening College of Alumni.

“We appreciate your participation to celebrate this year’s awardees.”