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Multidisciplinary and Emerging Programs

Degree Completion Programs

Drexel University's Goodwin College is home to Degree Completion Programs, a breakthrough academic unit designed to fulfill the educational needs of students looking for degrees and professional development in industries that are emerging or rapidly changing.

Undergraduate Studies

A core group of undergraduate degrees is offered, including the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies, the Bachelor of Science in General Studies, and the Bachelor of Science in Communications and Applied Technology.

Graduate Studies

The unit also contains a graduate program of study in a Master of Science in Professional Studies (with concentrations in Creativity, E-Learning Leadership, and Homeland Security Management). Programs are offered in many formats to support the engaged adult learner.

A Drexel University degree or certificate is a strong credential for those who wish to distinguish themselves. Multidisciplinary & Emerging Programs represent a fusion of traditional university values and real-world application skills necessary in today’s professional society. Goodwin’s Degree Completion degrees and certificates educate students for tomorrow’s world.