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Master of Science in Creativity and Innovation

This program has moved to another College. Please visit the SOE website.

Nationally and internationally, integration of creativity theories and research is accelerating within a variety of professional and academic settings. Creativity can be, and is, applied to almost any industry or profession. Creativity is the ability to generate novel ideas; innovation is implementing those ideas. Drexel’s M.S. in Creativity and Innovation (C&I) prepares students to think like creative professionals. This online program teaches students to become aware of their innate creativity, and helps them implement creative thinking in the workplace.

The C&I program provides students with a deep foundation and contextual background of the field through a planned sequence of courses and experiences. The flexible program allows students to take elective credits, which will deepen their knowledge of a specific discipline in the field.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to recognize problematic situations within various settings. They’ll also enable their organization to foster creative environments and identify creative problem-solvers within their workforce.