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Highlighted Programs: Creativity & Innovation

The Degree Completion Programs unit of the School of Technology & Professional Studies offers academic programs that are theory-based, yet balanced with real-world application. All of our creativity programs are designed to teach divergent and convergent thinking, creative problem solving, creative leadership, and a host of other thinking skills that foster creativity and lead to innovation that is essential for competitiveness in the 21st century.

The M.S. in Creativity and Innovation prepares students to think like creative professionals and provides them with a deep foundation and contextual background of the field. The flexible program allows students to take elective credits, which deepen their knowledge of a specific discipline in the field. The M.S. in Professional Studies with a concentration in Creativity and Innovation provides a solid graduate education to those who are looking for a rigorous academic degree, yet want to stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, bachelor’s degree holders may prefer to earn the Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Innovation. The coursework for the certificate parallels the concentration portion of the related M.S. in Professional Studies. This certificate provides a streamlined education forthose who do not prefer a graduate degree. Finally, the Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Innovation is a desirable credential for undergraduate students who would like to earn a certificate en route to their degree as a complement to the major. Non degree-seeking students who want to update their skills may also find the certificate attractive as a stand-alone credential.

The M.S. degree, the graduate certificate, and the undergraduate certificate are offered 100 percent online. The undergraduate certificate also is offered in the evening and in a lecture-online hybrid format on Saturdays.

Academic Programs

Industry Partners & Career Links: Creativity & Innovation

Creativity students at Drexel benefit from the University’s close affiliation with world-renowned organizations such as the American Creativity Association (ACA). Drexel University’s Goodwin College is the headquarters for ACA. This means Drexel creativity students will have access to some of the world’s top thinkers in creativity and innovation theory and practice. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that as of spring 2010, our own Dr. Fredricka Reisman is president-elect of ACA.

Goodwin is also home to the Drexel-Torrance Center for Creativity & Innovation, one of only two universities that the late creativity scholar Dr. E. Paul Torrance allowed to use his name. Dr. Reisman is director of the Center.

In addition, all graduate students are encouraged to join the Applied Creativity Graduate Student Association.

Finally, our courses take advantage of cutting-edge thinking from well-respected organizations such as mindtools.com and the Center for Creative Leadership.

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