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Master of Science in Professional Studies: Creativity and Innovation

In a world of increasing complexity, change, and competition, generating new ideas and bringing them to the table is now essential for corporate management. Creativity is multidisciplinary – it is in all professional fields from chemistry to engineering, from education to computer science, and from sociology to business. Successful organizations in all fields view creativity as vital and instill creativity throughout the organization. The application of creativity skills distinguishes managers who maintain the status quo from leaders who inspire a new direction or vision. By internalizing the spirit of creativity and the principles of creative problem solving, individuals can be transformed into change leaders.

Drexel’s M.S. in Professional Studies with a concentration in Creativity and Innovation is online and designed for individuals and practitioners with established career paths who are interested in:

  • Developing marketable skills to meet and exceed evolving workforce demands
  • Seeking professional development
  • Expanding promotional opportunities

The Creativity and Innovation concentration is designed to meet the needs of today's working professionals across many fields. Creativity is integral to competitive advantage in today's fast-paced, dynamic working environment. Organizations that harness and nurture the creative potential of their human resources are leaders in their respective fields. This program provides the most contemporary knowledge and skills needed in this important area.

Upon completion of the degree, students will have formed an in depth understanding of creativity, enhanced communication, creative problem solving, and how these may be applied to practical situations that further their workplace culture.