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Bachelor of Science in General Studies

The B.S. in General Studies consists of 180 credits. Within this program, students focus on a particular area of interest by following one of these concentrations:

Individualized Studies
This is a concentration designed for individuals with a diverse background and varied educational interests that cannot be captured in a single degree program. In consultation with an academic advisor, students create a specialization according to their interests. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of academic subjects through a generous number of free electives.

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Individualized Studies (Minor in Business)
Similar to the Individualized Studies concentration, this option allows students to include Drexel University’s well-recognized minor in business in the curriculum.

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Liberal Studies
A concentration in liberal studies provides a broad-based liberal arts education that increases one’s appreciation of the world at large and lays the necessary groundwork for graduate study. All liberal studies students take courses in communication, art or architecture history, literature, philosophy, history, political science, psychology, anthropology/sociology, and liberal studies electives. The final 36 credits in the course of study comprise the student’s concentration requirements. Students choose to specialize in either humanities or social sciences. The humanities concentration usually appeals to students interested in focusing on the fine arts, foreign language, literature, philosophy, or writing. The social science concentration appeals to students interested in social and behavioral sciences such as anthropology, political science, psychology, or sociology.

Download the Curriculum Sheet. (PDF)

Physical Sciences
The concentration in physical sciences includes a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics and also offers room for students to choose science electives based on their unique educational requirements. This concentration appeals to students working in research labs or students looking to lay a strong foundation for graduate study.

Download the Curriculum Sheet. (PDF)

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