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Certificate in Creativity and Innovation

The Certificate in Creativity and Innovation is designed to produce individuals who are equipped with fundamental creative problem solving competencies indicative of innovative leaders. The certificate is designed to provide knowledge of the major creativity theories, to enhance one’s latent creative strengths, to foster ability to apply creativity in the workplace, and to present methods for assessing creative strengths.

Prospective students with or without a bachelor's degree will benefit from this program. Students who already possess an undergraduate degree and want to increase their knowledge of creativity and innovation can round out their prior education and experience with this certificate. Students without a bachelor's degree may choose this certificate as a stand-alone credential or as a desirable achievement en route to their undergraduate degree.

In particular, evening or online students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Studies or General Studies with a minor in Business will find the certificate to be a fitting complement to their undergraduate studies, allowing them more flexibility in their future career options. Also, full-time day students pursuing a variety of majors such as architecture, business, communication, design arts, education, engineering, and English will find this certificate attractive.


The undergraduate certificate in Creativity and Innovation is comprised of 18 to 19 credits of courses based on both strong theoretical foundations and practical application that allow serious students to become experts in the field of creativity.

Students complete four required courses to build a strong foundation in creativity, then select two more elective courses which delve into more specific applications of creativity.

Download a detailed view of the curriculum. (PDF)


Drexel’s Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Innovation is a part-time program, delivered online or on campus in evenings or as part of the Saturday Scholars® program.

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