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Bachelor of Science in Property Management

The property management industry employs over 590,000 managers and is experiencing constant growth with annual gross revenues of more than $52 billion. As this growth continues, the role of the property manager is becoming increasingly complex, leading to a demand for more experienced and better educated professionals.

Drexel's B.S. in Property Management program will provide you with the strong multidisciplinary education you will need to succeed in this challenging and dynamic field, including a firm foundation in general education and social science, specialized study in property management and construction management, and advanced knowledge of real estate, law, marketing, and human behavior.

A Property Management Industry Advisory Board has been established to oversee the continued success of the undergraduate program and periodically review academic content and structure. With members from highly-regarded and successful companies in the Philadelphia region and beyond, the Industry Advisory Board provides valuable insight and assessment of the Property Management program.

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