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Preventorship™ and the Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence

The mission of Drexel University's Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence is to create public awareness around the need for youth-focused, evidence-based efforts aimed at preventing youth violence from occurring in environments where youth grow, learn, and recreate.

Our vision is to help ensure that all youth possess the requisite social and cognitive skills to prevent violence on their own, which includes developing conflict resolution and mediation skills. We also strive to inform policy leaders and stakeholders of the various types of evidence-based activities that prevent school-aged violence.

The Center feels that it can accomplish its mission and vision via three core activities:

  • Research
  • Policy advocacy
  • Evidence-based practices

About the Center

The Center began several years ago, when the issue of school violence became prevalent in the minds of educators, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and policy-makers.

The issue caused a public outcry, in and around Philadelphia, with major media outlets featuring vivid stories of youth violence on the front pages of their newspapers. The two implicit questions, looming in the background during this public outcry, appeared to be - How do we end this? And, why are youth so violent?

The initial focus of the Center was on violence which took place in schools. In fact, a partnership was created with the School District of Philadelphia for that very purpose. However, over time, a consensus was reached that the issue of youth violence reached well beyond the schools. It was decided that the Center has to address the issue of youth violence as it occurs in all environments where youth are known to be at risk (i.e., home, community, or neighborhood recreation center).

By doing this, the Center realized that it could broaden our area of reach as well as grow our support networks, all of which are key to a sustainable success and progress.

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