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Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.
Professor and Program Director

Program(s) Association(s):

  • B.S., Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Culinary Science
  • M.S., Hospitality Management, Food Science
  • Certificate: Gaming and Casino Operations


  • Ph.D., Food Studies and Food Management, New York University (2004)
  • B.S., Hospitality Management, Drexel University (1999)
  • A.O.S., Culinary Arts, Culinary Institute of America (1997)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Food Studies
  • Culinary Education
  • Culinary Improvisation

Professional Experience:

  • Goodwin College of Professional Studies, Drexel University (2013-present)
    Program Director, Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, Culinary Science, Food Science
  • Kingsborough Community College-CUNY (2001-13)
    Professor and Founding Director, Culinary Arts; Deputy Chair, Department of Tourism and Hospitality
  • CUNY Graduate Center
    Professor, Public Health and Founding Director, Food Studies Concentration

Various Culinary Experience:

  • Cibolo Creek Ranch—Shafter, Tex.
  • Nestle Research and Development Center—New Milford, Conn.
  • Terrace Garden Café—Clarks Summit, Penn.
  • Sai Kyo An—Mizusawa, Iwate, Japan
  • Keystone Pocono Residence—Gouldsboro, Penn.

Research interests:

  • Social and Cultural Aspects of Food
  • Recipe and Product Development
  • Culinary Education

Selected Works:

  • Tsui, E., Deutsch, J., Patinella, S. and Freudenberg, N. (accepted) "Missed Opportunities for Improving Nutrition through Institutional Food: The Case for Food Worker Training" American Journal of Public Health.
  • Mahadevan, M., Feldman, C., Deutsch, J., and Ruzsilla, J. (2012). “Organizational Barriers to Health Behaviors of Restaurant Chefs in Suburban New Jersey: A Qualitative Pilot Study, Health Behavior & Public Health. ISSN 2146-9334
  • Deutsch, J. (2010). “Culinary Improvisation,” Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students (CARTS). 11, 9.
  • Deutsch, J. (2010, Spring). “Teaching the Middle Third and Community Tuba,” ITEA Journal.37 (3), 47 – 49.
  • Deutsch, J. (2008, Winter). “Building Food Community at the Community College: Teaching More than Technique,” The Snail, 14 – 15.
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  • Borgese, A., Deutsch, J. and Winkler, C.  (2004).  A Multi-faceted Approach to Leadership Education: CUNY’s Institute for Virtual Enterprise.  Journal of Leadership Education, 3 (3), 38 – 43.  Download available (PDF)
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  • Contributor to Shadix, Kyle and Stokes, Miton (2011).  Launching Your Dietetics Career, American Dietetic Association. ISBN 0880914394
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Jonathan Deutsch
Jonathan Deutsch, Ph.D.
School: Goodwin College of Professional Studies
Telephone: 215-571-4461
Email: jdeutsch@drexel.edu
Fax: 215-895-2426
Office: Paul Peck Problem-Solving and Research Building, Room 110