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Bachelor of Science in General Studies

Whether you’re planning to enter the workforce, change careers, or advance in your current job, Drexel’s Bachelor of Science in General Studies offers three distinct concentrations and the academic flexibility you need to achieve your goals:

Individualized Studies - This is a concentration designed for individuals with a diverse background and varied educational interests that cannot be captured in a single degree program. In consultation with an academic advisor, students create a specialization according to their interests.  Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of academic subjects through a generous number of free electives.

Liberal Studies - A concentration in liberal studies provides a broad-based liberal arts education that increases one’s appreciation of the world at large and lays the necessary groundwork for graduate study. All liberal studies students take courses in communication, art or architecture history, literature, philosophy, history, political science, psychology, anthropology/sociology, and liberal studies electives. Students choose to specialize in either humanities or social sciences. The humanities specialization usually appeals to students interested in focusing on the fine arts, foreign language, literature, philosophy, or writing. The social science specialization appeals to students interested in social and behavioral sciences such as anthropology, political science, psychology, or sociology.

Physical Sciences - The concentration in physical sciences includes a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and physics and also offers room for students to choose science electives based on their unique educational requirements. This concentration appeals to students working in research labs or students looking to lay a strong foundation for graduate study.

Program Delivery
The School of Technology and Professional Studies offers the B.S. in General Studies through a variety of delivery modes, though not all concentrations are available in every delivery mode. The different options are offered as follows:

  • Saturday Scholars Program: B.S. in General Studies, Individualized Studies with the Minor in Business
  • Online: B.S. in General Studies, Individualized Studies; B.S. in General Studies, Individualized Studies with the Minor in Business
  • Evening: All concentrations (Individualized Studies, Liberal Studies, Physical Sciences)

The General Studies program is ideal for transfer students, those with an associate’s degree, and others with existing college credits. It is also ideal for students who wish to chart their own path toward a college degree. The program allows for students to earn “stackable credentials” by incorporating such core knowledge bases as the Minor in Emergency Management or the Certificate in Creativity and Innovation.

B.S. in General Studies

Careers in General Studies:

  • Physical science concentration - Careers in scientific research or graduate study in science.
  • Liberal studies concentration - Careers or graduate study in the humanities or the fields that deal extensively with people.
  • Individualized studies concentration - Flexible career options.

  • Individualized studies concentration with a minor in business - Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to own their own business, or management leaders looking to redefine the professional world.
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