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Undergraduate Non-matriculated Enrollment Options

UG, NONM (Non-matriculated students)

Non-degree applicants are considered part-time and are permitted to schedule a maximum of 11.5 undergraduate credits per quarter. Applicants who are considered non-degree students include:

  • Applicants with no prior college experience who have graduated from high school more than two years ago. Applicants must earn 24 Drexel credits before being evaluated for full matriculation.
  • Applicants with prior non-Drexel college experience seeking a Drexel degree. Applicants must earn 24 Drexel credits before being evaluated for full matriculation.
  • Applicants who have already earned a bachelor's degree and wish to enroll in an undergraduate prerequisite course for graduate study at Drexel. To ensure credits are transferable, students are responsible for checking with their intended graduate program department.
  • Applicants currently enrolled at another college or university wishing to complete courses at Drexel for credit, which may be transferred back to their "home" school.

Note: Non-degree students are required to have a high school diploma or GED equivalency. International students must provide a copy of their I-20 from their current institution to enroll as a non-degree student.

Federal and State Financial Aid is Not Available to NONM (Non-matriculated) Students.

EXST (Exploratory Studies)

The Exploratory Studies option is a retention-minded, non-matriculated (non-degree) option which is intended to give Academically Dismissed undergraduates a “second chance,” and help them get themselves on-track to pursue acceptance into an undergraduate degree program at Drexel.  Limiting maximum course loads (two courses per term, maximum) and imposing strict academic progress goals, geared toward improving their cumulative GPA to a 2.00 within 3 consecutive terms, provides an opportunity for EXST students to achieve “Good Academic Standing” and be accepted into another degree program.* Students may only be admitted into the EXST option through Goodwin College and will be required to maintain frequent contact with their Academic Advisor.


  • Applicant must be within range to improve their Drexel cumulative GPA to a minimum of 2.00 within 3 consecutive terms, assuming maximum term grade point averages of 3.00.
  • Applicant can take no more than two courses (maximum) per term.
  • Applicant must have completed all Drexel courses with a valid letter grade. Any incomplete or in progress grades must be resolved before reinstatement through Exploratory Studies can be considered.

*Acceptance into a degree program is at the discretion of the college offering the intended program.

Readmission for UG, NONM (Non-matriculated students)

Undergraduate NONM students may not be readmitted to Goodwin College as NONM if:

  • the student has more than 24 institutional credits
  • the student maintained a 1.99 or lower cumulative GPA
  • the student maintained a 1.99 or lower term GPA
  • there are “student holds” e.g. billing, that will impede readmission
  • the student was dismissed due to academic dishonesty or any misconduct that violates the University’s Student Code of Conduct

Undergraduate Non-matriculated status (particularly for students intending to pursue matriculation) is a probationary status. An “Academically Dismissed” decision for NONM students shall be viewed as a strong indication of academic apathy and/or the student’s inability to handle college-level work. Students may appeal the decision in writing by sending a letter to the Director of Student Services for Goodwin College. These appeals will be considered at the earliest possible opportunity. However, students may not be considered for readmission for the term in which they were “Academically Dismissed” and will likely miss at least one term of school.

Student Services Staff and Academic Advisors

See our list of Student Services staff and academic advisors to help make your academic experience successful.